League Of Legends National Championship - Sign-ups


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Sign-up Eligibility
Current student in the 2016/17 academic year with a verified NUEL account

Start Time
Regular Season & Qualification - Sunday's from 6.45pm

Number of Games
3 games played back-to-back

Captain's Document
Full information will be emailed to all Captains.


The Tournament will be structured as follows:

Autumn Term

14th October Sign Up Deadline
16th October National League Qualification
23nd October National League Qualification
30th October Week 1
6th November Week 2
13th November Break Week
20th November Week 3
27th November Week 4
4th December Week 5

Spring Term

5th February Week 6
12th February Week 7
19st February Week 8
25-26th February February Playoffs
5th March Semi-Finals TBC Grand Final at NUEL Live

How the tournament works

  • 2 weeks of Regional Qualification - top 8 teams from each region qualify for the National League, 9th-12th move to the National League Promotion tournament, everyone else starts in their Regional League
  • National League (Top 32 teams) - play 3 games a night, the bottom teams move into the National League Promotion tournament
  • National League Promotion - bottom teams from the National League and the top Regional League teams play for the right to compete in the National League, this happens on a weekly basis
  • Regional Leagues - play against other teams within your region, top teams have the chance to qualify for the National league promotion
  • Post Season playoffs - based on your finishing position over the course of the season, you'll qualify for:
    • National Championship semi-finals
    • Guantlet
    • Lower National League play-off
    • Regional League final

How the tournament works

Sticking with theme from last year we are splitting the league into 4 Regional leagues and National league for top teams.


Qualification this year will run a total of 6 games across 2 weeks. As in previous years Qualification will initially be seeded on solo que rating with top teams playing each other. Top 8 Qualify for National league and 9-12th from each region go into national league promotions. Everyone else will be seeded into initial skill groups for regional league.

League stage

For National and Regional leagues we shall be using a S-league. In s-league each week you be placed in an initial skill group based on current MMR each game you win will move you up a skill group and each loss down a group. Teams will earn points for each win also earn additional points based on Starting Skill group that week (i.e. teams with harder games get more points).

National league top 32

National league will run as a S-league With 3 initial skill groups. After each week the bottom 8 teams based on MMR will be moved to promotions next week to defend their place in national league.

National league promotions

Bottom 16 of national league will play in promotions each week. Teams who win 2 out of 3 games will move to main national league and be immune from demotion for 1 week. Teams who lose 2 out of 3 games will get demoted to their respective regional leagues.

Regional league

In addition to earning points in s-league each week teams in top MMR group will have the chance to be promoted to national league if they go undefeated in any given week.


As well as regular season Finish Teams have a chance to play in Postseason to earn Additional RP and IP Prizes.

National League

Top 2 - Straight to semis 3-10 Qualify to Gauntlet (top 2 advance to semis 11+ Qualify to lower national league playoff

Regional Leagues

Top 16-32 Depending on signups are invited to Regional Finals. Exact numbers to be confirmed after qualification tournament ends.

Eligible to play

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Not eligible to play

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  • Chris Henshaw

    Lead Tournament Admin

    NUEL Hench


  • Dean Oliver

    Tournament Admin



  • Adam Hardy

    Tournament Admin

    NUEL Addyal


  • Daniel Jackson

    Tournament Admin

    NUEL TsunamiDan


  • Iain Denison

    Tournament Admin



Signups for this tournament are now closed.


  • There will be a Check in system released during the tournament, you must check you team in on Sunday before 5:30pm. If a team does not check in by 5.30pm they will not be seeded into that evening’s fixtures.
  • Captains must be the player representing the team on tournament night. Results must be submitted by both captains via the companion before starting their next game. Failure of either of these may result in penalties.
  • We expect teams to remain sporting at all times, In the event of any flame or other poor sportsmanship please take screenshots and submit to admins.
  • Teams are expected to arrive promptly to all games. If a team does not have all 5 players ready to play 20mins after the scheduled start time they will forfeit the game, (or 20 mins after both teams have finished the previous round match).
  • Rosters will be locked after the Check-in deadline. After roster lock, teams can make one emergency sub, which must be done 1 hour prior to any matches they wish to take part in.
  • If you are unsure of any rules contact an admin.


1st Place

5x exclusive NUEL winners hoodies

Expenses paid trip to watch the LCS live in Berlin

Further prizes

To be announced in due course

We are looking to offer something something similar this year, as well RP prizes for top performing teams throughout the season.