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Our story

As students we were frustrated with the lack of opportunities to compete in esports activities and meet others who shared our passion. So in 2010 we set out to change this by creating the first ever National University Esports League, since then we’ve seen thousands of students represent their university and supported them to form societies and create events around esports.

Our team consists of former players and society committee members who are passionate about helping to grow the student esports scene within the UK, over the years we’ve also helped a number of staff members transition from volunteers to professionals with full time careers within esports.

Below you’ll find out what we’re doing and how you can get involved with helping to grow a student organisation that has pioneered esports at universities and is respected around the world by the most important companies within esports.

Our values

The NUEL is here to benefit students who enjoy esports or want to make a difference to help grow the industry. To achieve this we believe:

  • Students, regardless of ability or experience, should have the opportunities to participate and contribute
  • Students will create great things if you provide them with the right tools, knowledge and support
  • Creating memorable experiences whilst at university will inspire students to pursue esports further after graduation

University Esports Masters

The NUEL is one of the founding members of the University Esports Masters (UEM), an organisation created to bring together university esports leagues from around Europe together to help grow our competitions and create a European Championship. Each year the winners of The NUEL’s League of Legends Championship fly out to the UEM finals to represent Great Britain against the winners of the other national leagues.


We look to work with partners who share our values and want to go the extra mile to provide unique experiences for students that will last them a lifetime. We’re proud to be working with ASUS Republic of Gamers, be the official partners of the Twitch Student Program and to have worked with industry leaders should as Red Bull, Riot Games and GAME.

If you’re interested in working with us to promote students with their best memories of university then please contact our Business Development Lead.

  • Balint Kiss-toth

    Business Development Lead




Since 2010 we’ve been running National Championships for a variety of games. These competitions are purposely designed to allow players of any ability or experience to compete against other universities throughout the academic year. The best players have the opportunity to play live in front of a crowd at our annual event, NUEL Live, and an opportunity to win exclusive prizes and experiences.

For inquiries about our tournaments and opportunities to become a tournament admin please contact our League Operations Lead.

  • Dean Oliver

    Tournament Lead




What makes the university esports community special are the societies and passionate students who create amazing things, whether that is an event, team or a community. We are here to provide students who want to grow esports at their university and provide opportunities for others to enjoy themselves. Our Community Team consists of people who have organised student events or built societies so they understand what help you need. They can help by creating awareness, providing support from our many partners such as equipment or prizes, and providing advice on how to make your activity or society a success.

We’re the official UK partners for the Twitch Student Program that provides support for societies and student content creators, you can learn more here.

If you want support from our Community Team or are interested in working as part of our team to support societies, please contact our Community Lead.

  • Peter Cole

    Community Lead





Our tournaments and events are streamed throughout the week by a team of aspiring shoutcasters on our Twitch channel. We regularly broadcast live on the Twitch front page to showcase both players and the next generation of professional casters. We’re incredibly proud to have worked with a number of casters early in their careers who have now become household names and are always on the lookout for passionate individuals who are looking for experience and guidance both on screen and in production.

If you’re interested in joining our Broadcast Team please contact our Broadcast Lead.

  • Tasha Jones

    Twitch Student Program Lead




Our platform has allowed us to grow so that we can support thousands of students per week to compete against each other and enjoy participating in tournaments. We understand it’s not perfect, so we’re working hard on releasing a brand new platform over the coming months. If you’re experiencing issue please don’t hesitate to contact using the details on our Help page.

If you have any non-support related enquiries or feedback please contact our Tech Lead.

  • Tom Davies

    Tech Lead

    NUEL Tom


Contact us

You can follow us on social media, chat to us on Discord or email using the contact details found in each section below.

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