The National University eSports League

What is The NUEL?

Our vision

The National University Esports League was founded in 2010 with the goal of promoting British Esports that had taken a backseat to console gaming. By focusing on the university scene, the NUEL can create a strong year-long competitive scene, as well as a vibrant, campus-based community.

Last season

UK students have taken notice. Over 130 teams from 60 universities participated in last year’s League of Legends tournament. Thousands tuned in to watch the qualification tournament, off-season NUEL All Star tournament and grand finals.


The NUEL strives to create the best possible experience for players. Last year, we sent the winners of the championship on an all-expenses paid trip to Paris All Stars, and the runner ups front row tickets to Wembley LCS. With Twitch and Riot Games partnerships secured for 2014, the prizes will only get better.

Esports at your University

An essential part of university Esports is developing the social side of teams. Several societies have sprung out of NUEL teams, notably the University of Warwick and University of Birmingham League of Legends societies. We ensure societies always have a point of contact through student ambassadors called NUEL Reps, and helps said reps find new members, organize teams and work with student unions. In April 2014, the NUEL sponsored the University of Manchester’s King of the North, an eSports event with Starcraft, DotA and LoL LAN finals.


The NUEL’s unique tournament provides weekly opportunities to play against teams from all over the country. The 2013-14 tournament had teams ranging from all Diamond to proudly all unranked and was always open to new entries regardless of skill level and date joined. That said, the NUEL has fostered some very strong competition. NUEL teams and players have gone onto compete in national tournaments and are sure to enter in bigger tournaments to come.

The Team

  • Josh Williams

    Almighty Leader

    NUEL Josh


  • Tom Davies

    Web Developer

    NUEL Tom


  • Ruihai Youngblood

    Society development lead & Graphic design

    RL Youngblood


  • Chris Henshaw

    Tournament lead

    NUEL Hench


  • Jackson Walters

    Casting lead