About The NUEL

The UK's University Tournament

British eSports has massive potential waiting to be unlocked, we believe it’s hidden at Universities, that’s why we provide a platform for students to represent their University so we can help unlock this potential.

We believe this will be achieved in three ways:

  • Increasing the number of UK eSports players at every ability is key, we encourage these players to play competitively regularly at a level that suits them by providing the opportunity for them to represent their University in yearly league.
  • University eSports has a huge amount to offer the UK, we want to raise the profile of the community by producing high quality content for a variety of audiences, so we can spread the message.
  • To unlock the UK’s potential we must provide the best possible service and invest in the community, we’ll work with partners and create our own revenue so that we can help the community grow.

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Josh Williams Head Admin NUEL Josh
Tom Davies Web Developer NUEL Tom
Ian Claydon Blog Editor & Tournament Admin NUEL Ian
Thomas Hall Tournament Admin NUEL Sel
Ruihai Youngblood Tournament Admin rl_youngblood
Chris Harvey Tournament Admin Charvey
Dan Donnelly Writer tripledan
Jake Johnston Video Editor eDITTOE
Ceirnan Lowe Caster Excoundrel
James King Caster ripixel
Tom Littleworth Caster theorybaby
Joe Fenny Caster Munchables
Steven Buckley Caster Soddit
Phil Cox Caster ShadOh
Jackson Walters Caster Osigalas

The UK National Championship

How the whole tournament works

National Championship overview diagram

Here's how Championship points and the play-off week works

Championship points and play-off week diagram

This is what happens in the promotion bracket...

Promotion bracket diagram

National Championship Rules

Last updated: 21/09/13

We want games to go ahead as smoothly as possible for everyone, we try our best to make this happen but to ensure that everyone has a good experience we’d like to issue the following set of rules. Most of the time issues on the right can be resolved by talking to your opponent’s team captain and informing a tournament admin of the situation, by communicating with each other we can try to keep everyone’s experience positive without having to come down hard on enforcing rules. When there’s a clear violation of the rules, respect for the tournament and the other players taking part, then we will enforce the rules appropriately. Tournament admins will always be present on the night if you would like to report an issue or require help.

Team rules

  • Must consist of at least 5 students who currently attend the same University in the UK, this means all teams members must have a verified account using their University email address, please contact an admin if you have issues doing that
  • Maximum team size of 7 students
  • Each player must be able to play in tournament draft mode, this requires having 16 champions
  • Accounts must be on EUW
  • Rosters are locked for each tournament
  • Emergency substitutes can be added to a roster with permission from a tournament admin, they cannot have played for another team in that tournament

Tournament night rules

  • Team captains should check in to the designated chat room stating their team name and players in game names, the designated chat room will be stated on the tournament page
  • Default win will be given to the team that has all their players in the customer game, if a team hasn’t join the custom game 20mins after the stated start time
  • If neither team has checked in and created a custom game within 20 minutes both teams will receive a loss
  • After the first match each match should start within a reasonable time of the previous match finishing, we will provide rough guidance on when each match should start but teams should take into consideration that matches can overrun. A reasonable time between games to wait is 10mins after the previous match has finished, extensions can be given if all parties (both team captains and a tournament admin) agree. If you feel like you’ve waited a reasonable time then please contact the opposing team captain and a tournament admin
  • Teams are allowed a “placeholder champion”, where if a player does not own a specific champion then they can pick a placeholder champion, which would not be played by the other team, to represent the champion they would like to pick. The opposing team captain and/or the casters must be told before the champion is locked in that you are using a placeholder and who the placeholder represents. Once this has been agreed and champion select finishes, the game will be remade, still as Tournament Draft, with the same champions selected apart from the “placeholder”
  • Deliberately dropping out of champion select or using different champions that the opposing team weren’t aware of when using a “placeholder champion” will result in a sanction
  • Once your game has finished, you must submit your score on the tournament page before starting your next match

Game rules

  • Game mode: tournament draft
  • Fixtures are always listed as higher seed vs lower seed, the higher seeded team has the choice of which side to start on, higher seed is determined by:
    • Super8 group stages – games are best of 2, so based on fixtures listings
    • Super8 finals/play-offs –finishing position in the group stages, when seed is tied the number of points scored in the group stage will be use, when points scored are tied, championship points will be used, when champion points are used, the number of points scored by the team you defeated in the previous round will be used
    • Open Division group stages (week 1) – championship points, when championship points are tied, seeding from the qualification tournament will be used. New teams will be either the lower seed or, when playing against another new team, randomly chosen as the higher seed
    • Open Division (week 2)/Promotion division – the number of points scored in Open Division week 1, new teams will be either the lower seed or, when playing against another new team, randomly chosen as the higher seed
    • Open Division play-off – the number of points scored in Open Division or Promotion Division week 2, teams from the promotion division will take the seeds 1 to 4 then teams from the Open Division are seeded. When points scored is tied, championship points will be used, when championship points are tied, seed from the qualification tournament will be used, if two teams are still tied and didn’t take part in the qualification tournament, one team will be chosen at random
  • If a player disconnects:
    • Within the first 5 minutes (based on the game counter) unless first blood has occurred, provided first blood didn’t happen due to the disconnection, the game can be restarted
    • After 5 minutes then the game maybe paused until either the player reconnects or the 30mins pause time is over
    • Always inform your opponents of what the situations is and keep them updated on how long you estimate it’ll take to resolve
  • Players shouldn’t modify their game outside what Riot officially supports (no cheating/hacking)


The tournament admin’s will decide on what sanction is suitable based on the severity of the offence committed, sanctions can be applied to a player of the whole team, the sanction (in order of severity) are as followed:

  • Talk to the team captain(s)
  • Issue a warning
  • Deduct points or seeding for the current or next tournament
  • Deduct a percentage of championship points or give minus championship points if in the first tournament
  • Disqualify from the tournament
  • Disqualify from the National Championship